BPR in Bogor broken, missing securities tackled thief

PT rural banks ( BPR ) Artha Kujang Sembada located on Highway Tajur Ciawi KM - 09 , Village Sindangsari , East Bogor , Bogor , thieves burglarized on Friday ( 18/4 ) .

Flocks numbering three thieves managed to steal 3 units of laptops and 5 central processor unit ( CPU ) computer as well as securities that exist in the office disappeared . Not yet known is the total loss of a crime .

Theft incident was first known Somad ( 48 ) , school builders Zailani Almansyur Foundation ( YZA ) is located right next to the RBs around 06.30 pm .

" The thief comes Avanza wear White . Guess I opened a bank employee entrance gate with the car facing forward position Tajur highway , " said Somad at the scene .

He further said that after the car went . He immediately saw the RB condition from close range . “When I see it , why they left office with the condition of the rolling door and the office door open , then I also love to know the RB security guard , ” he said .

Meanwhile Rosyid , 45 , a security guard BPR Kujang PT Artha Sembada said it only learned of guarding the office after a thief burglarized builder YZA tell . ” I knew from the pack Somad , then I check the padlock was right conditions have been destroyed and the glass door in the open , ” I am he .

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He further said that after being checked into the office , it’s a mess . ” It was also my contact Jamal pack Liquidity section of PT BPR and the police , ” he said .


Relatives of passengers MH370 Malaysian Officials Boycott Teleconference

Hundreds of relatives of passengers belonging to Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing since Saturday (03/08/2014), leaving space teleconferencing in Beijing, China, as a protest against the way they deal with the Malaysian government on Wednesday (04/16/2014).

The teleconference was reuniting families passenger plane missing with senior officials of Malaysia. Action teresbut relatives are complaining about a lack of contact is woven Malaysian authorities to the families of passengers and the slow response to the demands of the relatives.

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The families of the passengers gathered at the hotel provided Malaysia Airlines but then came out shortly before the teleconference with the head of the civil aviation authorities of Malaysia Azharuddin Abdul Rahman started.

"Meeting video conferencing is often not working, the sound stops and constantly interrupted. Whether it’s the way we’re going to communicate?" said Jiang Hui, one of the family members after the protest. "Are they going to waste our time in such a way?"

Jiang said the Malaysian government has not met the demands of the relatives who filed last week. They asked the Government of Malaysia with Malaysia Airlines officials, Boeing, and Rolls-Royce to apologize associated loss of handling this aircraft.

Boeing 777 Rolls Royce engine design belongs to the Malaysia Airlines flight lost in the Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route. Radar and satellite data show the plane changed direction. When heading south, is expected to run out of fuel when the aircraft is flying over the Indian Ocean.


5 Ways to Prevent Lice Infection in Children

Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) in the United States , said that about 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with Lyme disease per year . However , only 30,000 cases reported to the CDC . Of the reported cases , 37 percent were pediatric patients .

Lyme disease is an infection transmitted by deer ticks four legged black . However, the bite of an animal that has not been proven to transmit Lyme disease .

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" The majority of tick bites do not cause Lyme disease , " said Professor of Medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center on Long Island , Dr. Benjamin Luft .

When the disease is found early , it can be treated effectively . Unfortunately, the disease is difficult to diagnose in children because they do not always show symptoms . To be sure , when a child suffering from this disease can affect the health , behavior , and performance during the school day .

Even so , parents need not worry . Because , there are several ways to prevent contracting the disease in your children .

Here are a few ways , as quoted by Fox News, Monday ( 14/04/2014 )

1 . Perform inspection

Each time a child is finished playing outside the house , you can check one by one part of the child’s body . Starting from the ankle , between the toes , ears and the back of the knees , groin , neck to head .

2 . Checks the hair

Because ticks are very small and difficult to see , advise medical personnel for combing your child’s hair . With a comb , lice that may be lodged in the child’s hair will come ketari .

3 . Wear appropriate clothing

When the kids want to play outside , try to consider what the appropriate attire uses. If possible , exchange your child’s clothing to dress a little brighter . That way , it will be easier for you to identify where the presence of ticks when scanning .

4 . Discard immediately ticks

Ticks are usually found in wooded areas , but fleas can also appear in your backyard . It took 48 hours of a child infected with Lyme .

During this period , you can get rid of the fleas immediately available , so that children be protected from infection .

5 . ‘s Symptoms

Parents should know the symptoms of Lyme disease in children . If a child has flu-like symptoms , mild fever , feeling tired or lethargic , take the child to a doctor immediately .


Poisonous Flower Coral Found in San Diego

The scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute are working on bacteria and other types of life around the methane absorption at depths 3,340 feet when it finds an unknown coral flowers in the northwest of La Jolla , as reported by the newspaper UT San Diego on Tuesday ( 16/4 ) .
They describe them as carnivorous sponges that resemble twigs that can survive in the sea floor and the cold dark . The sponge -like sponge species found along the West Coast of the U.S. and the state of Mexico , Baja California .
" Sponges turn off sounds like a creature from a horror movie class B. In fact they can survive in the deep ocean floor with no light , " the aquarium research center said in a statement .
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute said the first time scientists have found some sponges included in the carnivore category 20 years ago . Since then , only seven species of carnivores are found throughout the northeastern Pacific Ocean .
Kim Fulton - Bennett , a spokesman for the aquarium research institute told the newspaper UT San Diego that the sponge was discovered by a vehicle controlled remotely , Doc Ricketts .
The scientists named the species Asbestopluma rickettsi , in honor of biologist Ed Ricketts , the main character in the famous novel ” Cannery Row ” by John Steinbeck .

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The sponge colony living near the shells and tube worms that use bacteria to obtain nutrients from the methane that seeps out of the sea floor .


Pro Jokowi: Problem vice presidential candidate, Jokowi Definitely Choose the Best

Chairman Pro Jokowi Budi Arie Setiadi said Jokowi supporters believe the measures and decisions related Jokowi vice presidential candidate who would stand in the Presidential Election 2014. Kompas.com He responded to the previous , ” Projo Support Muhaimin , Jasmev Support Mahfud MD support ” .

"The fans Jokowi , including Projo , basically supporting Jokowi in the 2014 presidential election . Vice Problem was , we agree and believe that Jokowi will take the best path for the sake of the fate of the nation and the people , " he told Kompas.com on Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Previously , he stated DPP Chairman of the National Awakening Party Iskandar worthy of being vice Jokowi . According to him , the experience Muhaimin as activist Indonesian Islamic Students Movement ( PMII ) makes Muhaimin able to be flexible in dealing with various political dynamics . He considered , Muhaimin is one potential young leaders .

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Meanwhile , regarding the relationship PDI - P and PKB , according to Budi , both have a history of good political relations . Budi said , at the grass roots , PDI - P and PKB have a harmonious relationship .


Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 2000 priced from Rp681juta

Data Server x86 computing , Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 2000 entry into the Indonesian market this year with prices starting Rp681juta or the equivalent of 60 thousand U.S. dollars , and R1 , 7 billion ( 150 thousand U.S. dollars ) for the two other series .

Product Manager PRIMEQUEST PT Fujitsu Indonesia , Nathanael Eric Widyaputro , mention to the series 2800B fitted with eight sockets priced from 60 thousand U.S. dollars , and can be increased according to the configuration .

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Then for 2800E ( eight sockets ) and 2400E ( four sockets ) , priced from 150 thousand U.S. dollars , which can also increase according to the configuration .

For B -coded lines as 2800B is intended for business units , while the code 2800E and 2400E E as intended for corporate ( enterprise ) . All these series have 12 TB of memory .

" We believe demand will be good , but depending on the customer requirements yes , if companies usually select the E , but for the business unit is B , " Nathanael said in a media briefing on Friday .

However , for the new 2800E arrived in Indonesia in June 2014 , while the other two can already booked.

Nathanael explains , wed PRIMEQUEST 2000 series mainframe and Open Systems system and produce reliable features , tingggi endurance , flexibility , and efficiency in a data server .

" We can reduce the risk of access failure ( downtime ) from 80 to 90 percent , " he said .

2000 series is also able to repair itself if there is damage to the system and can replace practitioners online or when the system is running without working through repetition server ( restart ) .

Nathanael mengklai x86 computing is also supported by the system avaliabilty equivalent UNIX system , without getting rid of low cost features .

Government corporations and the financial industry was subjected to Fujitsu for products targeted teranayar into the data server supporting critical missions with excess features and components .

He said the assembly and Series PRIMEQUEST research conducted in Japan and Germany , as well as the production takes up to three years .

PRIMEQUEST 2000 series is the regeneration of the 1000 series . The difference is , among other memory capacity up many fold, Performance servers , and operating systems .

In PRIMEQUEST 2000 series , mentioned a system board can accommodate multiple operating systems , which became one of the increasing specification of the 1000 series .

Fujitsu claims duia large corporations have recognized the advantages of such corporation PRIMEQUEST 2000 series from Brazil and Mexico .


Prepare Jokowi Vision-Mission Candidates

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , said he was preparing a vision and mission as a candidate . The vision and the mission will be delivered in a timely manner .

"Later the one I say , not directly . They farm is like, what kind of energy , " said Jokowi outside the fence the City Hall , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

Jokowi reluctant to disclose what the drafting team ‘s vision and mission . However , Jokowi asserted that in addition to the team , he was also directly involved in the preparation . ” Just be patient . ‘s All really asked . Never dismantled all , then,” he said .

Since declaring himself as the candidate of the PDI - P , Jokowi not convey the vision and mission . During this Jokowi always reject black campaign and prefer fighting vision and mission . Reporters often questioned it . How would contest the vision and mission if Jokowi just have not got ?

When the campaign in Lampung , Jokowi said that poor agricultural management in Indonesia . Supposedly , said Jokowi , farm sector in Indonesia is only able to improve the welfare of the community . Jokowi gives an example of a village in Boyolali , Central Java , as a producer of papaya fruit . Because farmers are not preparing postharvest distribution channels , nearly 90 percent of the commodity ends up in the trash because of a foul .

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"The management of the farm must be considered . Nanam They are given guidance before , but cook pascapanennya not prepared . Should disiapin . Juice can be used , for example , " he said .


Again clash in Papua, One Person Killed

National Police Chief Gen. Sutarman said there had been a shootout between military personnel and armed groups in Puncak Jaya , Papua , today. One resident reportedly killed in the crossfire .

" We found there was a long-barreled firearm type SS1 and is now being further investigation by the Papua police , " said Sutarman at Police Headquarters , Jakarta , Wednesday, April 9, 2014 .

Sutarman sure crossfire is not related to penyelanggaran legislative elections which took place today . He admitted that many weapons belonging to the police and military seized by a group of citizens in Papua . ” Firearms that we found it is checked whether the code belonging to the military or police . We will conduct further investigation , ” he said .

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Previous shooting case also occurred in Papua . Situation two countries border region , the Republic of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in the region Skouw , Muara Tami , City of Jayapura, Papua , Indonesia with Wutung , Vanimo , Papua New Guinea , re-heated . Action crossfire between a group of armed criminals by security forces combined military-police still happening since Saturday, April 5, 2014 morning , at 05:30 CET until 17:00 pm CDT .

" Right now the situation is secure . Previously there were 20 to 40 people who raised the Morning Star flag and then lower the flag , the police who were there with the military conduct persuasive measures , " said Papua Police Chief , Inspector General Tito Karnavian in Jayapura Papua , on Saturday afternoon .


Tempting Consumers, 3 Smartphone LG’s New Specials

Competition land mobile market is now increasingly stringent water , making the brain to rotate vendors smartphone products in demand by consumers . LG Mobile Indonesia which was recently 3 to cut prices of its flagship product . (see also: situs download film terbaru)

Not only did the price cuts , LG kept his promise that the third device has now pinned its latest smartphone features a knock -on . For information , Knock On ™ feature allows the user to turn on or change the smartphone is in standby mode through two tap of a finger on the screen .

From the information received via the PULSE fanpage LG Mobile Indonesia are informed that all three of these devices will get feature Knock -On . Interestingly , not only offers advanced features , LG Mobile Indonesia also provide discounted rates for the three types of smartphones .

LG L3 II is now only priced at 900 thousands from the previous price at Rp1 , 2 million. As for the type II LG L4 consumers only have to pay a sum of R1 , 2 million’s of previous price tag of R1 , 6 million. That also get discounts on LG L7 II is currently LG off the price of Rp1 , 9 million’s , down to 500ribuan of previous price is priced at Rp2 , 4 million .

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From the information received via the PULSE fanpage LG Mobile Indonesia are informed that all three of these devices will get feature Knock -On . Interestingly , not only offers advanced features , LG Mobile Indonesia also provide discounted rates for the three types of smartphones .

source:http://www. tabloidpulsa. co. id/

Roving Pacific Rowing

Adventurous girl who came from England this kayak paddling to cross the world’s largest ocean , the Pacific Ocean . He was kayaking alone . This journey called London2London should make kayaking along the 20,000 miles ( 32,000 kilometers ) . He tried to surround the northern hemisphere to raise funds for charity and break some records .

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" I am a child of the sea, " he said at Explorers Web in an interview quoted in the Grid sites Tv , Thursday, May 30, 2013 . " I am very pleased so close to the sea and the rhythm of life in the wild. Energy emitted is like magic that is so appealing . There is so much beauty that I can enjoy alone out there , especially wildlife , " said Outen fiery .

Outen launch its 2.5-year odyssey on 1 April 2011 . He began kayaking down the river Thames and across the English Channel to France . From there , he was cycling in Europe and Asia , then set out to row across the Pacific on May 13, 2012 . However , tropical storm force him to take a break . He returned to sea in the spring with a firm ship , which is named Happy Socks , on 27 April. He is scheduled to reach Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada , in October .

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Outen shares his experiences at sea through his Facebook account . He once wrote , ” Anger hell no fury like a scorned ocean . He was to be one of the craziest animal today . Waves everywhere . Rain pierced like a bullet . And , Happy Socks do a good job . “

He did not expect , this new boat is really tough , as the owner .

source:http://www. tempo .co/