Aston Hotel Worker Killed as Fire Stuck At Save the Goods

Two construction workers were killed Aston Kupang from fire in the barracks where they lived on the streets of East Raya , Kelapa Lima Urban Village , Kupang , East Nusa Tenggara , on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) early this morning , fire trapped unknown .

Information gathered from a number of witnesses who were not far from the scene of the fire said two workers were trapped in a water bath after trying to save their belongings in the house .

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Construction of barracks that only use the plywood to make the fire rapidly spread and devour the entire contents of the building so that the two are not able to save themselves .

In addition to the two killed , six others seriously injured. In addition to the casualties, the fire also burned three motorcycles owned by the workers .

Definite cause of the fire is unknown , but allegedly due to short circuiting . The workers who were killed and wounded be evacuated to General Hospital Kupang .

The identity of the victim has not been known until now because it is still receiving medical attention . Deputy Head of Kupang City Police Commissioner Julian Prime said it was continuing to investigate and secure location pending inafis team and forensic laboratories from Denpasar , Bali .


Starting June 1, 2014, Jabodetabek KRL Journey Goes

An electric train ride ( KRL ) will have additional Jabodetabek by setting Graph Train Travel ( Timetabling ) which went into effect June 1, 2014 . Timetabling is a change from the year 2013 after a double rail line across northern Java completed .

With the completion of the double track , the train travel time distance ( KAJJ ) from Jakarta Jakarta and headed north through lanes can be shortened .

At the start on June 1 , there will be 645 additional train trip train ride from the previous 589 for a day trip . Later , Jabodetabek KRL trips will operate on a 56 -loop , which is served by 56 trains series .

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" Loop was a series of KRL . From one that will undergo a series of loops . 1 loop runs for 10-15 trip , " said Eva Chairunisa PR PT KCJ KCJ Office Juanda Station in Central Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Eva added , the largest unit for train travel is still on cross Bogor / Depok . At the cross , there are 33 trains that serve 294 series train travel . Cross- Serpong and Tangerang each serving eight trains to serve the 104 series and three series of train trips to serve 62 trips each day .

Director of Operations of PT KCJ Apriyono Chresnanto said , adding the train journey will also be done on a non - commercial carriage ( feeder ) with three sets of 68 trains for the trip . The feeder circuit , said Apriyono , will serve the Manggarai - Sudirman - Tanah Abang - Rubber - Duri - Kampung of Jakarta City - Chandalar ( go-home ) .

Apriyono added , the number of trips carrying capacity in some settings , particularly Bogor - Jakarta Kota , due to the cross began June 1, 2014 will operate nine series 205 series have 10 trains in each formation thereby increasing the carrying capacity of a series of 25 percent compared to the previous series which have formation of eight trains .

The addition of this trip will make itinerary changes KRL . Latest schedule will be announced in the pages of PT KCJ on Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) and the stations and social media accounts ” infoKRL ” .

In the morning , the train still in operation starting at 4:00 pm, while on the train to operate last night at 23:30 pm . ” Imposed new travel schedule began June 1, 2014 is expected to meet the needs of service users in Jabodetabek KRL kselamatan and prioritizing security KRL trip , ” said Apriyono Chresnanto .

Here are the number of trips Timetabling KRL in 2014.
- Cross- Bogor / Depok many as 33 loops with trip number 294 .
- Cross Bekasi 9 loops with trip number 117 .
- Cross- Serpong by 8 loops with trip number 104 .
- Cross- Tangerang much as 3 loops with trip number 62 .
- Cross- feeder as much as 3 loops with trip number 68 .


What Prabowo to Nowela Whisper “Idol”?

Presidential candidate Prabowo was the guest of honor Result show Indonesian Idol 2014 , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) night . He also handed over gifts to Nowela Elisabeth Mikhelia Auparay , the new idol .

When handed a gift , Prabowo seen reciprocated with Nowela whisper . Though Prabowo did not say when the camera is highlighted . What prompted Prabowo to Nowela ?

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" ( Prabowo ) asked , as long as ( i ) from where . I said , my dad Serui native , lived in Jayapura , " said Nowela , after the Result Show, in Hall D2 JIEXPO Kemayoran , Jakarta , Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) early days .

Prabowo came to the location of Indonesian Idol Result Show 2014 on Friday at around 21:50 pm . In the middle of a commercial break that aired on television viewers , Prabowo entered the concert arena with MNC Group CEO Hary Tanoesoedibjo , after briefly being in the VIP lounge .

Sitting in the front row facing the stage , occasionally seen talking Prabowo familiar with Hary . As for the stage , Prabowo only symbolic gifts to Nowela handed , without any words .

As the winner of Indonesian Idol 2014 Nowela get a prize of a recording contract , car , cash $ 150 million , and insurance . The total value of the prize of Rp 1 trillion .


Before abused, 2 SD Boy Can Often It Sexual Harassment

Action shameful obscene education in Aceh , later , known to have often experienced by victims of CUN ( 10 ) and PAS ( 10 ) .

Fifth actors classmates also one of the victims in South Peusangan SDN , Bireuen district , Aceh , this is often done the same thing that lead to sexual harassment , such as holding the sensitive parts of the body .

Recognition of the victims delivered Satreskrim Police Chief Unit PPA bireuen Bripda Tamam Ashari , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

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Although not as severe as abuse cases on Wednesday ( 05/07/2014 ) , the victim admitted indecent often treated by actors . The victim also never report it to the family so that the family does not know . The case was revealed after one of the victims fainted .

" It’s family reports entered after a few days , on May 12 , five days after the incident , " said Tamam .

In the report , the victim also claimed often disturbed before treated indecent . “This form of the disorder such as using a broom handle to poke in the victim’s body and others that seem disturbing , ” added Bripda Tamam .

For more details , bireuen police officers promised that this week , he will call the five perpetrators and victims for questioning further information related to the case.

Previously , the five boys in the fourth grade elementary schools in the district one Bireuen , Aceh , obscene action against two of her classmates , resulting in one of the victims fainted .

The perpetrators and victims alike two fourth grade students in one of the elementary schools in South Peusangan . The action was carried out in the classroom during recess .

Although the incident was experienced on Wednesday ( 07/05/2014 ), the new victim reported to police on Monday ( 05/12/2014 ) to Mapolres bireuen .


Appr traditional Cawapres Prabowo, Hatta rajasa lah Puji Jokowi-JK

Chairman of the National Mandate Party , Hatta Rajasa , who in the 2014 presidential election will advance along Prabowo . However , he acknowledged the pair Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) is the nation’s best sons .

"I think ( they ) it is the best sons of the nation , " said Hatta , met after handover Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs , in the Office of the Coordinating Ministry , Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) . However , he continued , the best sons of the Indonesian nation is also on the figure Prabowo .

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" Similarly Prabowo , also the son of the nation’s best . So , let’s take this democratic process smoothly and well , " he said .

Hatta was optimistic that this year will win piplres sabagai running mate Prabowo . “Everyone should be sure to win , ” he said .

So , what programs will be offered to the public which raises optimism that? ” Of course there is . Like the example of our hard efforts later to improve the existing development , particularly focusing on infrastructure , ” he said .

Former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs was also confirms the basic infrastructure that has to be completed in the near future . He added that there are three criteria developed nations . The first is a matter of basic infrastructure must be available . The second is public education , and the third , is about innovation .


Security guard found dead lying face down in the Gutter

A security guard named Winih ( 64 ) was found lying face down and lifeless in a ditch in Housing Margahayu , Jakarta, Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) afternoon .

" Provisional estimates , he is a victim of hit and run , " said Chairman of the Public Relations Section of Bekasi City Police AKP Siswo to on Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .

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According Siswo , who found the body of it is the people that pass . Residents were seen in the condition of the victim’s legs already tilted in the water channel . When lifted , residents surprised because it is a dead security guard in their housing .

After that , residents complained to the discovery of the bodies of the local RW board . RW Board immediately forward the report to the police . Shortly thereafter , the identification of the police team came to inspect the crime scene .

Based on the results of the examination found traces of used tires brakes on the edge of the pavement . Allegedly previous victim was hit and fell into a ditch . The victim allegedly killed instantly . At the head of the victim was found no injuries .

When the victim’s body has been taken to the General Hospital for autopsy Bekasi . The case is now being handled by the City of Bekasi Police for further action.


Telkom Aims Rp 300 Billion of International Remittances

Telkom expects to record a business transaction value is much larger this year from international remittance services . The target could reach Rp 300 billion .

According to the Director of Enterprise and Business Service Telkom Muhammad Awaluddin , from January to May 2014 it has served approximately 21 thousand transactions equal to the value of Rp 50 billion business .

" This year we aim to serve international remittance transactions around Rp 300 billion . Approximately 66 % or Rp 200 billion will be served remittances from Hong Kong , " he explained in an office Pawnshop Kebun Nanas , East Jakarta , Sunday ( 05/11/2014 ) .

Telkom serve remittance through product Delivery Money Access ( Pomegranate ) . As an e -money products , Pomegranate has two types of services , namely services and service Remittance Payment Point Online ( MPO ) .

Remittance Services is a money transfer service , domestic or global in which the sender and recipient do not need to have an account in the Bank . While the Payment Service Point Online ( MPO ) is a service that provides convenience in a wide variety of bill payments and purchases online .

Unfortunately , although the value of the transaction is serviced fairly large , a class player Telkom was only enjoyed little benefit from this service . One was of a fee per transaction . Telkom has not benefited from foreign exchange .

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" We have a degree of international remittances in Hong Kong in collaboration with Chandra Remittance in mid- September 2013 . Years ago it served approximately USD 25 billion transaction . Lebaran We wants fitting of Hong Kong had served translucent transaction equivalent to Rp 100 billion , " said Avaluddin


Secret Behind Hit Test Vehicle

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( IIHS ) is a regulatory agency of the U.S. auto is always in favor of the safety of driving . Each year , new cars ” tortured ” independently rating the ability to get in to protect passengers . But have you ever imagined how the process behind the scenes making of photos or videos that we’ve seen ?

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IIHS merils video that tells the complex working system just to record the appropriate moment . To make it easier to understand what happens when a collision , Kalnite Pini , Director , Film Production & Media Services IIHS , explained , all must be recorded in slow motion . That’s when the advanced technology plays an important role .

All is not easy to come by , there is a variety of a long process that accompanies each vehicle assessment . The level of precision affect the research , the more detail the more detailed .

In contrast to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) belonging to the U.S. Government , IIHS focus on the strength of vehicle structure that should be able to withstand a wide range of collision . In the video can be seen very clearly , how big the impact is absorbed cars , as well as how strong can protect the passengers .


Employers Concerned About Semarang District Electric Supply

Businessmen began to worry about the lack of electricity supply from PT PLN in Semarang Regency . Moreover, the increasing number of companies entering into certain Semarang regency increasing electrical energy requirements .

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Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association ( Apindo ) Semarang District Prabono Ari said , post-election legislative conducive , bring fresh air to Semarang regency . Therefore , investment in the region is now increasingly varied not only dominated the textile industry .

" Post- election with a conducive atmosphere , increasing investment . Initially dominated by textile and garment industry is now starting to get the steel , metal , and other pharmaceuticals . In addition they do an assessment , there is also the land acquisition has been making efforts to set up a factory , " said Ari Prabono , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) .

Ari added , on the other hand more and more industries coming in Semarang district raises concerns about the lack of electricity supply . PT PLN will most likely be overwhelmed in the event of an explosion of investment .

" We question the ability of PLN to supply energy . Do not let us bring in investments here but lack lilstrik . If no immediate improvement to an electrical problem , we worry PLN unable to meet the needs of the industry , " said Ari .

In addition to power supply problems , Ari also criticized Semarang regency which has not also fix the road in Industrial area . Because the road in Industrial area in District Pringapus , not wide enough to maneuver the truck container .


This Engineering Transfer Flow in Sudirman - Semanggi As May Day celebrations

World Labour Day ( May Day ) to be colored demonstration , 1 to 2 May 2014, expected to be followed by around 33 thousand workers . Demonstrations centered in Roundabout Hotel Indonesia ( HI ) , Jakarta is expected to cause congestion on the roads clover until Jl Sudirman and Thamrin .

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To expedite traffic flow , the Directorate of Traffic engineering Jakarta Police traffic diversion around the main streets .

" For this the current diversion is situational , if the situation is very dense Traffic can not move , we just do traffic diversion , " said Deputy Director of the Jakarta Police Traffic AKBP Sambodo told reporters in Metro Jaya Police Headquarters , Wednesday ( 30/04/2014 ) .

Sambodo said it would do in the current lane closure protocol with multiple stages if the traffic situation has been stagnant .

" For the first step of the flow diversion in the Lower Hamlet or UOB , " he continued .

If the traffic conditions around already congested, the vehicle will be transferred to the Lower Hamlet - Latuharhari - Menteng and so on .

" Then the second stage in the Upper Hamlet turns to BNI tower - Manggarai - Tanah Abang and so on , " he continued .